Metabolism and its functions

Our bodies derive the energy they need from food through metabolism pulling: chemical reactions in the body cells convert fuel content in food energy needed to do everything, from moving to thinking to growing.

Specific proteins are involved in the control of chemical reactions of metabolism, and each chemical reaction is coordinated with other body functions. In fact, thousands of chemical reactions occur in the body metabolic contemporary, all regulated by the body and aim to keep our cells healthy and operational.


Metabolism is a continuous process that begins with conception and ends with death.

There are several problems related to a malfunctioning metabolism, the first is the desire to lose weight, but the difficulty that you can find Tryin if the metabolism is working too little. To speed up our metabolism we simply increase the vital needs of our body, for example, do more sport and strengthen the muscles because the more muscle we have and consume more calories throughout the day, regardless of the age that we have.

Metabolism is the set of biochemical processes and energy that take place within our body. these processes and the subsequent reactions are used to collect and process the energy contained within the food and then concentrate on the movements and all those things that we are left to do during the day. The same diet is designed to increase metabolism, especially the high-protein, which consists in storing a lot of importance on looking for a hearty breakfast, if possible, never skip the snacks. By doing so spends time, too often between meals and the other, and our body defends itself by decreasing the rate of metabolism because it has to address the shortage of nutrients.

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